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History of Pilates – Joseph Pilates

Pilates was developed during the first half of the of twentieth century by Joseph Pilates. His father was a gymnast, his mother a naturopath, and he studied a range of exercise forms from Eastern and Western cultures including Yoga, body-building, and various forms of martial arts including jiujitsu.


For many, these six principles are the foundation of the Pilates approach to exercise. Their application to the Pilates method of exercise is part of what makes it unique in the fitness world.



Welcome to Pointe Pilates Studio, a newly launched Pilates studio from the founding business Sunshine Studio Pilates.Our Studio is the longest standing on the Sunshine Coast and now with the addition of Mat classes, increased reformer classes and a Sunday timetable, we are accessible to even more Pilates enthusiasts. Our passionate instructors will guide you through mindful movements of choreographed routines that will have you strengthened, lengthened and feeling renewed all at the same time.

Clients new to Reformer Pilates are required to take part in our Orientation classes run throughout the week. The class is limited to 4 ensuring a personalised approach that takes you through the principles of Pilates, operation of our equipment & general etiquette of attending the studio. On completion of your first orientation/work out, you’ll feel move confident entering the Group Beginner classes & Group Reformer classes.

Pilate’s reformer machines use a spring-loaded resistance to create a challenging total body workout in a motivating group environment. Each instructor brings a versatile approach to the class, making every 50 minute session a unique experience that improves core strength and lengthening and strengthening muscles.
For those just starting out on our reformers look out for our beginner classes throughout the week, to build on the basics and progress. However if you cannot make these, don’t worry, our Group reformer repertoire can be adjusted from beginner to advance levels ensuring you are progressing at your own speed. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Power Reformer: Designed to be high energy,fast paced & lots of fun.  You can expect an all over workout, continuous workout that is not for the feint hearted! Jump boards may be added to the reformers bringing a dynamic cardio element to the workout, helping to increase cardiovascular health and boosting your body’s metabolism.

Group Reformer: Typical mix of Reformer repertoire (Traditional & Modern flow) on the carriage bed that is suitable for levels and ages.

Pilates Mat classes offer a variety of functional movements over a 45 minute class of controlled exercise that engages the mind and condition the total body. With a focus on core and pelvic stability and spine and joint mobility, the range of strength training exercises improves posture, body alignment and muscle tone. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Stretch & Rebalance: Working on posture, imbalances & awareness, this class will bring alignment and balance back to the body using a reformer or Mat. These classes are slower to work on Precision & Control.  You can expect a mix of foam rollers, unilateral work & a real MindBody connection to see you through this workout.


Barre: is a dynamic group fitness class, inspired by dance techniques, combined with pilates and yoga. The classes are focused around the “ballet barre,” where students stretch, lift, and burn, working target-areas: core, seat, and arms.  Resistance bands, Magic circles & Balls can offer a more dynamic class and are often used at Pointe Pilates Studio!

Specifically designed for your unique health and fitness goals, our private classes allow you to spend one-on-one time with your qualified instructor, tailoring your workout to your needs. If you are new to Pilates Reformer and want that additional lesson or you’re perhaps recovering from an injury, our Private classes are perfect for you. Duo Private classes are also available if you would like to work out with your partner or friend. Private classes run for 1 hour.

When a woman becomes pregnant, the immense changes in her body occur quickly and constantly, often causing all sorts of discomfort and pain. These changes are hormonal, metabolic, skeletal, respiratory, bio mechanical, organic and muscular and with so much change happening, it’s crucial that the body be prepared in the best way possible. Pilates comes as a great choice to help with this preparation for child birth and is equally important postpartum. Our Mums and Bubs programs are set by a physio to take care of your safety putting emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing and developing a strong core. The movements focus on the abdominals, pelvic floor muscles and back muscles, which are all key to good posture, balance and strength. And most importantly, bubs is close by and perhaps taking part in your workout!


Come & visit us in the Studio

7 days a week

Monday: 6:00am to 7:20pm
Tuesday: 6:00am to 7:20pm
Wednesday: 6:00am to 7:20pm
Thursday: 6:00am to 7:20pm
Friday: 6:00am to 2:00pm
Saturday: 6:30am - 11:00am
Sunday: 7:30am - 10.30am




Expert Instructors

Some of the best Pilates instructors on the Sunshine Coast to guide and motivate you through workouts that are challenging, inspiring and fun.

Classes to Suit you

over 40 classes per week, Pointe Pilates is now accessible to everyone

Convenient Location

Loads of parking and walking distance from the city centre

A Calming environment

Friendly staff and a perfect place to recharge and unwind to enjoy some ‘you’ time.


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Awesome, professional instructors who are all different which is great as I never get bored. Each class is different. Very friendly and inviting atmosphere. Highly addictive form of exercise and my posture and flexibility has improved dramatically.


"Amazing, addictive & Super fun!"


"Ouch! A good ouch. Nathalia in fine Brazilian "

Fiona.B b


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