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Welcome to Pointe Pilates Studio, the longest standing, locally owned Pilates Studio on the Sunshine coast. Our boutique studio hosts 7 Reformer/towers and is community based, offering a friendly environment to work on 'you'.

Home to BASI systems, arguably the best in the industry and a delight to work on, we offer Group Reformer, and as a first to the coast we also run Group Tower classes that are typically seen in private/semi-private classes. Our team of specialised Instructors are here 7 days a week with over 45 classes on offer, to guide you through choreographed routines that will have you strengthened, lengthened and feeling renewed all at the same time.

History of Pilates – Joseph Pilates

Pilates was developed during the first half of the of twentieth century by Joseph Pilates. His father was a gymnast, his mother a naturopath, and he studied a range of exercise forms from Eastern and Western cultures including Yoga, body-building, and various forms of martial arts including jiujitsu.


For many, these six principles are the foundation of the Pilates approach to exercise. Their application to the Pilates method of exercise is part of what makes it unique in the fitness world.

Clients new to Reformer Pilates benefit by taking part in our Orientation classes run throughout the week or 1:1. The class is limited to 4 ensuring a personalised approach that takes you through the principles of Pilates, operation of our BASI systems & general etiquette of attending the studio. On completion of your first orientation/work out, you’ll feel more confident entering the Group Beginner classes & Group Reformer classes.

Pilate’s reformer machines use a spring-loaded resistance to create a challenging total body workout in a motivating group environment. Each instructor brings a versatile approach to the class, making every 50 minute session a unique experience. Just some of the benefits include strengthening & lengthening muscles, increased flexibility & range of motion/mobility.

Whilst we have identified different class styles, clients often gravitate towards a class time that suits our busy schedules, which is fine as Pilates repertoire can cater to whom is in the studio (beginner to advanced) – another great benefit of having a smaller class group – we will always keep you moving!


Bring balance back to your body in our Align reformer class. You’ll flow through gentle movement to stretch, align & restore your mind-body connection. 

SUITABLE: All levels


Fundamental Reformer is for clients new to the world of Reformer Pilates.

Your instructor will guide you through a class that embodies the Pilates Principals and establishes a foundation to grow your Pilates practice upon.

SUITABLE: Beginners, although always a good one to come back to for the most advanced Pilate’s student.


Pilate’s reformer machines use a spring-loaded resistance to create a challenging total body workout in a motivating group environment. Each instructor brings a versatile approach to the class, making every 50-minute session a unique experience that improves core strength, posture work, lengthening and strengthening muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Typical mix of Reformer repertoire (Traditional & Modern flow).

Small equipment such as Magic Circles, weights, small ball & Jumpboards could be used in your session.

SUITABLE: all levels.

Lower Body Burn

Want to work the legs & Glutes in their entirety?  Come work through this challenging lower body burn focused on strengthening, lengthening & some cardio added in!
Your class could be fast/slow but you’ll certainly feel the heat!

SUITABLE: All Levels


HIIT Workouts! Think non-stop fun on and around the reformers. Contemporary Pilates meets the fitness world!

You’ll be moving with the inclusions of small Pilate’s accessories – think weights, bands, balls & magic circles!

SUITABLE: Intermediate to advanced


Pilates Tower/Studio classes offer a variety of functional movements over a 50 minute class of controlled exercise that engages the mind and conditioning of the total body. Think precision, control & stability as you control the spring loaded tower.  With focus on core and pelvic stability, spine and joint mobility, the Tower offers strength training exercises improves posture, body alignment and muscle tone and functional movement.  Suitable for an intermediate and above – foundation work required.


Specifically designed for your unique health and fitness goals, our private classes allow you to spend one-on-one time with your qualified instructor, tailoring your workout to your needs. If you are new to Pilates Reformer and want that additional lesson or you’re perhaps recovering from an injury, our Private classes are perfect for you. Duo Private classes are also available if you would like to work out with your partner or friend. Private classes run for 1 hour.

Mums & Bubs Many mums are keen to return to pre-baby bodies and often it is done too aggressively & too soon after giving birth.  Exercising post-birth can be a complex issue, particularly if you’ve had a difficult labour so mums must ensure they take an educated approach to rebuild their bodies from the inside out.

Pilates is a great way to ease yourself back into exercise with many benefits and at Pointe Pilates we take you gently back into your exercise to rebuild strength. We focus on issues that may have come about during pregnancy and labour, in particular the weakened/ stretched abdominal muscles known as the pelvic floor muscle groups.

It is recommended that clients listen to post-birth exercise guidelines (6 weeks vaginal birth, 8-12 weeks C-section), ensuring that the body has time to mend.  After this, Pilates can be an extremely safe and effective exercise for mums to rebuild their core strength.

Some other benefits of Post-natal Pilates include:

Improves Diastasis Rectus (DR)

Diastasis Rectus is the separation of the rectus abdominus, usually around the tummy button area.  During Pregnancy around 60% of women will experience this separation.  Pilates can strengthen your abdominals and avoid further issues down the track such as back pain or sciatica.  Pilates helps to stabilise the lumbar spine & correct alignment.

Restores confidence & speeds up Post-Natal Recovery

A very high percentage of women are unhappy with their post-natal bodies and with media influences, it’s not hard to see why under all these pressures.  Post-natal Pilates teaches you to focus on what is happening within the body so you are not just fixated on ones appearance.  Pilates teaches you to listen, understand & re-connect Mind & Body as you exercise.  Gaining mindful control of your core muscles which in turn is an excellent way to speed up post-natal recovery.

Rebuilds Pelvic Floor stability

Pelvic floor exercises are an essential part of any postnatal Pilates programme These exercises also help deal with post-natal issues such as stress, incontinence and other problems that may have arisen such as a prolapse. Pilates teaches women to reconnect and strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help improve posture, core strength and stability.

Great for well being

Post-natal exercise needs to be an overall conditioning of the body, stretching, lengthening & strengthening you in all the right places.  You need to feel energised & de-stressed after a class, rather than too exhausted to take on the days challenges and Pilates will do just that for you.

And BONUS! It’s a great Social activity that bubs comes along to with you!
Getting out there as a new mum can be difficult, so coming along to a Pilates class full of women dealing with the same day to day routines offers an opportunity to build new friendships and share experiences.

Steps to take:

1. Book!

Bookings are essential! Contact us in the Studio on OR 0401 516 271 to book in or ask any questions.  Class Terms are held 4 times/year and you enroll for the term.  Placements can be secured with upfront payment noting 2 additional make up classes are allowed should you be unable to make it in one day.

We like to keep numbers in Mums & Bubs small so you can get the attention you need.

2. What to bring:

You can bring your baby to all post-natal classes, or not!

Prams are welcome (please park them along the outer edge of the room). You can also bring a mat for bub to lay on and some toys.

For Mum, you only need water, a towel or roll mat; we’ve got the rest covered!

Please note babies are more than welcome in all post-natal classes, but only until they are “highly mobile”. We ask that you not bring them along once they’re actively crawling, as it poses a safety risk to those little fingers in the springs/reformers.

3. Leave the rest to us!

2022 Dates

Term 1: 24 Jan – 1 April

Term 2: 19 April – 24 June

Term 3: 11 July – 16 September

Term 4: 4 October – 9 December 


Come & visit us in the Studio

7 days a week

Monday: 5am to 7pm
Tuesday: 6am to 7.30pm
Wednesday: 5am to 7pm
Thursday: 6am to 7.30pm
Friday: 6am to 7pm
Saturday: 6:30am - 12Noon
Sunday: 7:30am - 12Noon




Expert Instructors

Some of the best Pilates instructors on the Sunshine Coast to guide and motivate you through workouts that are challenging, inspiring and fun.

Classes to Suit you

With over 45 classes/ 7 days a week, Pointe Pilates is now accessible to everyone.  Our classes are small with a maximum of 7 clients, ensuring your instructors personal guidance.

Convenient Location

Loads of parking and walking distance from the city centre

A Calming environment

Friendly staff, welcoming clients & the perfect place to recharge, unwind and enjoy some ‘you’ time.


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Awesome, professional instructors who are all different which is great as I never get bored. Each class is different. Very friendly and inviting atmosphere. Highly addictive form of exercise and my posture and flexibility has improved dramatically.


"Amazing, addictive & Super fun!"


"Ouch! A good ouch. Nathalia in fine Brazilian "

Fiona.B b


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