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Why Pilates is good for Men

Pilates was started by a man, Joseph Pilates; it’s been a training vehicle for elite athletes for over 50 years and men have figured prominently as instructors & promotors of the Pilates method throughout its history. Fitness experts now believe due to its many benefits including core strength, improved posture, and better balance and flexibility, this is the one form of exercise that all men should be doing. And fortunately, men are taking heed of the advice and see numbers are on the increase.

So why should men do Pilates?

Let’s start with muscle neglect. Through correct alignment and breathing, Pilates exercises work all those hidden,
intrinsic muscles you didn’t know/or perhaps forgotten you ever had. And don’t think it’s easy because you are working those stabilizing muscles. With tweaks in your posture/alignment, we’ll have you agree with the experts that Pilates is
not an easy workout!

Our abdominal repertoire targets your core strength and is basically unrivaled by other workouts. It stabilizes the trunk and protects the back, so if you lift weights, run, swim or play team sports a strong powerhouse/core is a must as it
offers a great foundation for cross training with other kinds of sports and exercises.

Prevention & Rehabilitation. Being plagued by injury is not something athletes welcome nor endure well, so supporting your body by allowing it to function correctly builds strength & agility. Pilates focuses on flexibility, core strength, &
alignment to bring all of this together. Physio’s would also agree that Pilates is a wonderful form of rehabilitation with many now running Pilates from their practices these days. The benefits of Pilates is not only a short-term game but a
long-term bonus for the continued practitioner.

Increased flexibility. Whilst this may not be high on your priorities, with improved flexibility comes greater movement allowing you to move with grace and ease throughout the day. One of Joseph’s greatest quotes

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. IF it is completely flexible at 60, you are young”

What to expect when you come along to Pilates:

  • You’ll be slightly outnumbered! Women have caught onto the Pilates craze, so you’ll absolutely find the ratio of men: women in their favor but don’t let that frighten you off!
  • Nothing specifically different for men V women doing Pilates. Although muscle tightness (especially those hips & hamstrings), is often felt with men, however, you’ll quickly realise that Pilates is fantastic for adjustments & a common occurrence in the studio making most exercises available to everyone.
  • You can’t just ‘Power Through.’ In Pilates, controlled, well-aligned movement is the ticket.


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